Serene Family Home

This project highlights a great amount of detailed hardscape, everywhere you look there is an element that catches the eye. From the custom granite caps that were fabricated for the piers and water features, to the footworn granite planks and antique cobbles that create the driveway – this project stuns with custom stonework. There are […]

Blue Marble Oasis

Work began in the Spring of 2019 when Landscape Architect Suzanne Hopkins McDonough brought us into this project with the client. They wanted to add a pool to their existing home, where they raised their family, and wanted to host many other family members. We began on-site prep for the pool and spa, completing removals, […]

On the Hill Above Sudbury River

This property is situated on a hill above the Sudbury River that the client wanted to maintain the area around the house, but everything beyond left as the pasture it had been for so long. They also wanted a pool for their family, which began our work: we performed sub-surface drainage work, extensive grading and […]

Meadow Home

This project marked a huge growth for us when we took it on in 2017. Before this time we had never worked on such a large property, and we still look back with pride. Work started early, with Onyx doing the excavation work for the contractor. The homeowners chose a beautiful spot in the meadows […]

Bluestone Masterpiece

When we look back on this project, it’s with fondness and pride. This residential project let us work with fantastic clients and do work that really challenged us- in all the best ways. Work began in 2019 with the front of the house: Phase 1 included designing and installing new bluestone landings, bluestone walkways, self-capping […]

Woodland Retreat

Onyx began work on this project in the Fall of 2022 and tracked to completed Fall of 2023. The project consists of a large landscape scope – new custom pool and spa, granite terraces, walkways and steps, cobble parking court, stone retaining walls. The outdoor kitchen blends both granite and panted brick materials, with a […]

Contemporary Forest Hideaway

Onyx handled this project start to finish, from excavation of the house foundation, down to the install of the last perennial planting. There was a large amount of masonry stonework on this project – boulder walls, retaining veneered walls and chimney veneer. Chinese granite was imported for the hardscaping elements, this includes the paving for […]

Woodstone Farm

The clients had a vision of a centuries-old New England farmhouse nestled within rolling meadows, set back along a country road. To achieve this, mature shade trees were planted, and an apple orchard was reinvigorated by transplanting seasoned apple trees from a retired farm in Western MA. Blueberries and ferns were harvested from Maine and […]


At the initial site meeting, the first thought that came to mind was “you want to put a pool where?!”. This project was particularly challenging due to the steep 50’+ grade change, from where the house perched high above, to the river below. The project was designed, engineered, and built in such a way to […]

Outdoor Living

For this project, we collaborated with Custom Quality Pools as well as local Landscape Architect Elizabeth Hanna Morss. As a team, along with the client, we selected materials that best matched the family’s vision. The large stone terrace travels around the spa and pool area, anchored by the pool house. Our in-house masons completed the […]