On the Hill Above Sudbury River

On the Hill Above Sudbury River

This property is situated on a hill above the Sudbury River that the client wanted to maintain the area around the house, but everything beyond left as the pasture it had been for so long. They also wanted a pool for their family, which began our work: we performed sub-surface drainage work, extensive grading and fill, and prepared for the pool utilities installation. Once access allowed, we immediately began work on the retaining wall at the garage. This would ensure the heavy grade from the above slope was retained and ensure the driveway was safe to access during construction. The style of the retaining wall chosen by the Landscape Architect and the client was a mix of ashlar and square/rectangular stones with deep-raked joints- this gives the appearance of the wall having been laid by hand rather than veneer. Another feature of this wall is the veneered pool wall, above ground on three sides and seamlessly blended into the foundation of the home. The spa was designed to sit inside the pool and run year-round. Around the site are thermal bluestone walkways, terraces, and steps, as well as spa and pool coping. The few reclaimed granite features can be seen as you move throughout the site as posts and pavers. Onyx brought in mature trees and seeded the pasture with wildflower mix to encourage biodiversity. The finishing touches on this extensive project included fencing, landscaping lighting, and custom bluestone planter boxes.

The Landscape Architect for this project was the incredible team at Stimson Studio, and the Environmental Pools was the contractor who brought this gorgeous pool to life.







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