Sterling Pit​

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Located at: 9 Chocksett Road, Sterling , MA 01564

What We Offer

1 ½” Crushed Stone
¾” Crushed Stone
3/8” Crushed Stone
2-4” Crushed Stone
6-10” Crushed Stone
1 ½” Dense Graded Base
¾” Graded Base
3” Minus Base (Crushed)
3” Processed w/ Sand (Type B)
1 ½” Processed w/ Sand (Type C)
6” Minus Crushed – Jaw Run
3/8” Graded Base/Sandy Fill
12-18” Crushed Stone (Rip Rap)

Screened Sand/Pipe Bedding
Sandy Silt/Pool Liner Sand
Bank Sand
Title V Septic Sand

Washed Title V and C-33 Sand –  “Coming soon.”

Asphalt Millings


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